Fabric Merchanting

Delivering Results

Specialist software for Fabric Merchanting


We are experienced in all aspects of fabric merchanting, and can help your business increase efficiency, manage processes, and improve customer service.

Sales Order Processing

  • Customers
  • Sales Orders
  • Confirmations
  • Packing
  • Despatch
  • Invoicing
  • Credit Notes

Purchase Order Processing

  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders – Fabric, accessories
  • Goods Receipt Notes / Stock Receipts
  • Stock Labels
  • Purchase Invoices


  • Fabric specification – Width, Composition & Weight
  • Fabric by individual rolls by metre in a location
  • Accessories by unit

Warehouse Management

  • Produce cutting / picking instruction
  • Cut (for fabric)
  • Labelling
  • Packing

Key Features

  • Fabric supplier providing sequentially numbered pieces and electronic shipping details of each piece and length, where available from overseas suppliers
  • Piece level stock control – each piece of fabric received in the warehouse given a unique piece number and bar-code to identify each unique fabric piece
  • Fabric sales orders allocated to the best fit fabric piece in the warehouse
  • Fabric picking at the piece level to the required piece in the warehouse
  • Fabric cutting – piece cut-length recorded including stock adjustments for strings at the cutting table
  • Fabric – check measuring fabric pieces at the cutting table once they drop below a minimum number of metres and also flagged as check measured against the piece.
  • Use of handheld mobile devices for fabric picking, stock location and movement throughout the warehouse providing real-time stock piece visibility by location
  • Bar-code rack and warehouse management for live piece stock management
  • Sampling management of pieces going into fabric sampling and the number of fabric sample pieces made
  • Easy link to accounting systems Sage, Xero, Opera etc
  • Link to Shippers/Hauliers to send manifest electronically

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